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Lecture Hall 2

Themed around the concept of “Heritage and Evolution”


The first floor of Lecture Hall 2, completed in March 2009, is home to the High Technology Research Center, which serves as a center for advanced pharmaceutical research. The second through fifth floors, as well as classrooms set aside for 4th-year and 6th-year students, are equipped with 32 seminar rooms for medical classes as well as learning rooms and amenity spaces for students at key locations.

1F High Technology Research Center
2F Classrooms/Learning Floor
3F Classrooms/Learning Floor
4F Seminar Room Floor
5F Seminar Room Floor

Classrooms/Learning Floor




As well as classrooms for 4th-year and 6th-year students, different types of learning rooms suited to either individual and group learning have been provided in response to students’ needs.

Seminar Room Floor

Seminar Room

Seminar Room

Seminar Room

There are a total of 24 small seminar rooms on the second floor.

  • High Technology Research Center

    Mobilizing the Wisdom of Our Laboratories

    As a facility for promoting leading research projects mobilizing the wisdom of SPU’s laboratories, the High Technology Research Center consists of various facilities including a biomolecular analysis room, a laboratory for research in chemistry, and a conference room. These laboratories and research facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that can measure and analyze biomolecule and pharmaceutical products at the molecular level. By using this state-of-the-art equipment, our graduate and undergraduate students are producing outstanding research results and contributing significantly to the development of young researchers and the internationalization of research at SPU.

    Conference Room

    A Base for the Presentation of Research Projects

    Able to accommodate 80 people, the conference room is used as a base for presenting on research projects being conducted both inside and outside the university. Graduate and undergraduate students working to improve their research capabilities also use it as a presentation space on a daily basis.

    Laboratories and Research Facilities

    A Floor for Experiments Supporting High-Tech Research

    The biomolecular analysis room, laboratory for research in chemistry, and other laboratories provided for the promotion of high-level research have been designed with a high degree of freedom by making exclusive use of moveable dry-wall partitions to respond to everyday changes in evolving research environments.

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