Undergraduate Education

Fresh start as the Department of Pharmacy within the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences under the new six-year system

Revisions to the School Education Law and Pharmacist Law extended the period of study for the education of pharmacists from four years to six years, starting in April 2006. In light of this new system, the Department of Bio-Pharmacy was absorbed into the Department of Pharmacy within the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Society demands pharmacists with expertise in medical care

With the advancement of medical care, the continuing development of specialization, and the ongoing separation of dispensary from medical practice has come the need for pharmacists to move from their traditional role of simply filling prescriptions to taking a more active role in the provision of medical care. In response to the demands of the times, the reform of the pharmaceutical education system is intended to create a system that trains pharmacists who can take a valuable part in medical care.

Developing a comprehensive educational system

SPU's educational policy is to nurture drug specialists who can demonstrate a high level of expertise in medical care settings. To that end, the school has developed a high-quality educational system from every perspective, including the curriculum, facilities, and cooperative framework with organizations outside the university, in order to realize an ideal six-year education.

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