Gymnasium / Activity center

A multipurpose arena is the core facility

On the opposite side of the Main Building from the Training Center and Research Center is a multipurpose arena (gymnasium) and activity center. Sports fields and tennis courts, located on the west side of campus, allow students to get some refreshing exercise in the crisp air, surrounded by green trees.

Multipurpose arena

The spacious multipurpose arena houses a gymnasium used for physical education classes, club activities, and a wide variety of events, including the autumn campus festival and joint corporate recruiting sessions. The same building also houses dojo for judo, kendo, and karate, as well as music practice rooms.

Activity center

The Activity Center, located next to the multipurpose arena, is connected to the Main Building with an access corridor. The Activity Center, a centrally ventilated facility, houses more than 30 rooms designed for sports, cultural, and academic activities, forming a base for student's club activities.

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