Message from the President

Keiko Yamamoto
Showa Pharmaceutical University

Research achievement

Our society needs well-rounded specialists in pharmacy

As the separation of dispensing and prescribing drugs becomes more pronounced, hospital pharmacists are expected to play a more active role in the pharmacological treatment of patients in cooperation with doctors and nurses as part of team medical care. Meanwhile, the government has decided that pharmacies should contribute to care in communities and at home by taking on the functions of "health support pharmacies," which are more closely connected to the local community. In the future, pharmacists will be expected to interact more with people and to dispense advice on daily health management and self-medication.

In order to respond to the needs of society, pharmacists must acquire more knowledge and develop more expertise in pharmacy and people-related skills than ever before. Against this background, the curriculum of the College of Pharmacy has been redesigned to improve the qualifications of pharmacists. Furthermore, the university has developed a high-quality education and research system alongside a range of activities to train pharmacists who will be able to contribute to advanced medical care.

Being a pharmacist is a profession that requires lifelong study and the capacity to respond to the research and development of new medicines and medical technologies, as well as the ever-changing needs of patients. Although the scope of study is wide and training to become a pharmacist is not easy, it is a truly rewarding path that contributes not only to the treatment of patients who are ill but also to the resolution of problems in the field of health care. We sincerely welcome those with a strong desire to support medical care in Japan by continuing their studies.

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