Ushering in a new age in pharmaceutical science, built on a foundation of tradition and a record of accomplishments

SPU's history starts with the founding of the Showa Women’s PharmaceuticalJunior College in 1930. The school has been through a number of trails, including buildings being burned to the ground in bombing during World War II. However, students, faculty, and parents have always worked hand-in-hand to build the school up. This is the cornerstone of the SPU that exists today.

In 1990, SPU moved from the Setagaya Campus to the Machida Campus. The new campus, with its rich natural setting and cutting-edge facilities, provides an ideal environment for pharmaceutical education and research.

In 2006, the new six-year pharmaceutical education system started. In line with its commitment to nurture pharmacists who can contribute to medical care in the 21st century, SPU is enhancing its educational system and upgrading its facilities, including cooperation with a medical university and construction a new building, to make them correspond to the new six-year system.

The university is originally founded as the Showa Women’s PharmaceuticalJunior College.
Wartime bombing destroys the Meguro Campus. The College is moved to former imperial Army Medical Supply station buildings in the Setagaya Ward.
Authorization is received to establish the Showa Women’s College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, which is inaugurated under the new post-war education system.
Coeducation is launched, accompanied by a name change to Showa College of Pharmaceutical Sciences (currently, ShowaPharmaceuticalUniversity).
The Setagaya school buildings are rebuilt with steel reinforced concrete, and new facilities are added, including the TrainingCenter, Library and Gymnasium.
A complex of school buildings and training camp facilities are build at Suwa near Lake Shirakaba in Nagano Prefecture. Facilities at Setagaya are expanded to set up a Department of Bio-Pharmacy in addition to the Department of Pharmacy.
A postgraduate course for a Master's degree in pharmaceutical sciences is established.
Work begins to create the new Machida Campus.
Construction of the Machida Campus is completed, with the College being moved there.
A postgraduate course for a doctorate degree in pharmacy is established.
Shoyaku-Net, a school information network, is launched.
A postgraduate course for a master's degree in pharmacy is established for clinical pharmacy majors.
The school celebrates its 70th anniversary.
An academic exchange agreement is signed with Pokhara University in Nepal.
An educational and research exchange agreement is signed with the St. Marianna University School of Medicine.
An academic agreement is signed with the University of Southern California School of Pharmacy.
Approval is received to change the school rules and increase the size of the student body to accommodate the six-year education system.
The six-year undergraduate education system is started.
Completion of a Dispensing & Preparation Room and Sterile Preparation Room in the Training Center.
Completion of practical training facilities for SPU students at the St. Marianna University School of Medicine.
Completion of the construction of Lecture Hall 2.
Celebration of the 80th anniversary of the university through various memorial events and commemorative projects.
Establishment of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Course (Master’s Program) in the Graduate School Research Division in Pharmaceutical Sciences.
Graduation of the first cohort of students from the 6-year undergraduate pharmacy program.
Establishment of the Pharmacy Course (Doctoral Program) in the Graduate School Research Division in Pharmaceutical Sciences based on the 6-year undergraduate pharmacy program.

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