Laboratory of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics


Hiroshi Yamazaki, Ph.D.Professor

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Makiko Shimizu, Ph.D.Associate Professor

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Norie Murayama, Ph.D.Senior Assistant Professor

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Yusuke Kamiya, Ph.D.Assistant Professor

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Research Description

We are currently involved in research areas related to individual variability and species differences in drug clearance in humans. To achieve optimal personalized drug-therapy and chemical safety, our research is going on drug metabolizing enzymes for medicines and chemicals.

Processes in pharmacokinetics, including drug absorption, distribution,metabolism (biotransformation) and excretion, are influenced by manyfactors belonging to drugs and their dosage forms, to physiological or geneticvariables of the individual patients, and to effects of other drugs takenconcurrently.

We focus characteristics of drug-metabolizing enzymes (such ascytochromes P450 and flavin-containing monooxygenases) and ofpharmacokinetics of clinically important medicines and chemical industrysubstances. Both phenotype and genotype studies for patients and animalsare ongoing in this laboratory.



Showa Pharmaceutical University

3-3165 Higashi-Tamagawagakuen,
Machidashi,Tokyo 194-8543, Japan
TEL +81-42-721-1511

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